Workplace Gender Equality Agency – Mum's the word

AWARD School Brief
Prop: Let's put the end to the Motherhood penalty.

Once women become mothers, they are less likely to be hired. She is perceived as less competent, leading to lower pay–known as the ‘motherhood penalty’. In contrast, fathers are seen as more competent and are more likely to be hired.

Children learn discriminatory behaviour from as young as 3.

Let’s educate children early, so we can prevent discrimination and create behavioural change.

We’ll tell the story of mothers through an illustrated story book. To appeal to children, we’ll use the allegory of animals.

We’ll collect insights through a call out online for mothers to contribute their workplace experiences. Using their experiences, we’ll write a moral story to shift the current workplace nor. ms of mothers. 

This can be a series supported with animation and toys.

Giving insight to parents will also raise awareness of the issues to adults.